Looking Back at 2012 to Move Forward in 2013

2012 has been a great year for Intacct. We seen outstanding growth and we are well positioned for continued growth in 2013.  The Intacct partner program is also expanding rapidly, adding several new Top 100 firms in 2012. Meanwhile, Intacct is enabling our customers to grow and take their businesses to new heights -- increasing finance team productivity and effectiveness without the need for additional hiring.

As we head toward the new year, we wanted to take a quick look back at some of our most popular blog posts from 2012...

Back on Valentine's Day, we took a look at "The Marriage of Front Office and Back Office Applications." In this post, we looked at the powerful connection between two best of breed applications - Salesforce CRM and Intacct. This post included some great results from the CFO of RedVision Systems. Even though the company grew more than 150% since implementing Intacct, they haven't had to add any finance staff.

In March, we looked at "Managing Your Global Business with Intacct." Some of the greatest financial management and accounting challenges arise within multinational organizations that must contend with complex regulatory frameworks, geographies, laws, currencies, and other issues. It is important to have a financial management system designed not only to handle this complexity, but ideally, to shield the finance team from that complexity.

March was also the month we looked at the five steps to buying cloud financials:
One of most popular and most read posts covered "The Power of Multi-Dimensional Reporting for Finance." In that post, we discussed how transforming your finance organization from just logging the numbers to becoming a strategic business resource requires unlocking the power of your business data, to gain faster time to insight and improved performance across all of your business units.

One of my favorite posts looked at going "From QuickBooks to Successful IPO and Beyond with Intacct." I love posts about customer success. Several Intacct customers had highly successful IPOs in 2012, and it was great to see them thrive using Intacct.

Along those same lines, we had a great post on "Helping Nonprofits Reduce Costs and Improve Financial Visibility." From charities, trade/membership associations, and cultural institutions to charter schools and faith-based organizations, nonprofits are moving their financial applications to the cloud to gain better control over their finances, improve operations, increase transparency and minimize costs.

2012 also saw the launch of our very popular "Intacct Industry Insights" blog series. We sat down with a variety of industry influencers to get their take on everything from cloud computing and SMB finance trends to accounting best practices and channel strategies. During the year, we spoke with Cindy JutrasSeth FinebergThomas WailgumCharles HylanMarc RosenbergWayne SchulzMark GillinghamIsaac O'BannonDennis HowlettRandy JohnstonBob AndersonDoug SleeterVinnie MirchandaniRick TelbergErik AsgeirssonMarshal KushnirukAlan RaddingRhianna CollierFrank ScavoBen KepesKathy YakalDarren RootLaurie McCabeDaniel HoodJeff Kaplan, and Mike Vizard.

Another popular series of posts was from Aaron Harris, Intacct's CTO, looking at "Cloud Applications Done Right." Aaron is just getting started on the series, sharing his first four posts looking at the best practices and guidance for building and operating cloud applications:
We hope you have found at least some of our most popular posts from 2012 helpful. We have a bunch of great stuff planned for 2013 -- including new Industry Insights posts, the continuation of Aaron's "Cloud Applications Done Right" series, and several new CFO Insights posts (be sure to join our new CFOInsights group on LinkedIn).

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Happy New Year!


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