The Outstanding ROI from Cloud Financials

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a topic that comes up often when discussing the advantages of cloud financial applications. Moving your financials to a cloud-based system helps drive down TCO by eliminating the needs to purchase and maintain things like servers, databases, firewalls, and back-up/disaster recovery. But that is only half the picture... a cloud financial management system like Intacct also delivers outstanding return on investment (ROI) from things like process improvements and better financial visibility.

We've worked closely with Nucleus Research to develop tools to help companies quantify and capture the ROI they can expect to see by moving to Intacct. We've also had Nucleus interview several Intacct customers to profile the impressive results they have achieved. For example, Virtual Hold Technology saw payback in just eight months, with an average annual benefit of nearly $100,000. [Download the full case study.]

Intacct customers are more than happy to share their successes, take for example these recent quotes:

Gregg Leach, CFO at Able Engineering: “We grew 23% last year and expect to grow another 25% this year. Because of the efficiencies we’ve gained with Intacct, we fully believe we will be able to handle that growth without having to add any additional finance or accounting staff. Our labor savings in finance alone more than covers all of our costs for Intacct. We no longer look at our financial system as a necessary evil; it is now a strategic advantage for our organization.” [See more...]
Todd Vick, CFO at Superior Global: "We've gained a powerful financial system that will scale with us as we continue to grow. From better financial visibility to improved processes, switching to Intacct has really paid off for us. Intacct will pay for itself within the first year we've been using it." [See more...]
Dave Stalker, Co-Owner of Savory Sandwiches: "We are a multi-million dollar operation, with nine separate operating entities, and Intacct enables us to manage all of this using only about one and a half full time finance employees. Between streamlined financial processes, automated consolidation, enhanced real-time reporting, and improved decision-making from better management visibility, Intacct has been an outstanding investment for our business. The labor savings from automating financial consolidation, reporting, and inter-entity transactions saves me more annually than the cost of the entire Intacct system.” [See more...]

We also just added a new video to the Intacct YouTube Channel that focuses on the ROI from cloud financials. On the video, Intacct customers and partners discuss their results and the ways Intacct helps companies achieve impressive return for their investment.

Can't view the video? Click here to watch on YouTube:

If you want to learn more about how cloud financial applications can help your company achieve outstanding ROI, I would encourage you to join us this Thursday at 10am PT for a free webinar we're hosting with Financial Executives International entitled: "The Strategic CFO – Using Cloud Computing to Change the Game for Finance."  Intacct's CFO, Marc Linden, and Jaye Connolly, the CFO of PathCentral, will discuss how cloud financial management applications are transforming finance. Register here.

You can also click here to find out more about how Intacct delivers the rapid, relevant, measurable ROI that savvy financial professionals demand.  

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