Managing Your Global Business with Intacct

Business today is more global than ever. Even small and medium-sized organizations are adding foreign entities and transacting business in multiple currencies. Some of the greatest financial management and accounting challenges arise within multinational organizations that must contend with complex regulatory frameworks, geographies, laws, currencies, and other issues. It is important to have a financial management system designed not only to handle this complexity, but ideally, to shield the finance team from that complexity.

In 2003, Intacct became the first cloud-based financial management system to allow companies to manage their multi-currency and multi-location businesses in real time. Intacct now has more than a thousand companies operating multiple entities and transacting in multiple currencies. It's an area our customers and partners cite all the time as a key driver of significant return for their investment.

Just today, we launched a new video on the Intacct YouTube Channel with several Intacct customers and partners discussing the benefits of Intacct's multi-currency and multi-entity capabilities. The video, linked below, features the CFO of Linux Professional Institute, the CEO of AccessTek, the Corporate Controller at 3Tier, the CFO of ProKarma, and the CFO of TM Forum.

For example, on the video, the CFO of ProKarma mentions that Intacct's consolidation functionality saves them around 30 hours of work per month. He notes: "Global consolidation prior to Intacct was a very, very painful process.  Now, with Intacct, our consolidation process is about as close to a one-button consolidation as you can get." There are many other great examples included on the video.

If you run a global business, Intacct can help you master your financial complexities with an innovative technical foundation and the right functionality to handle the complex tactical and strategic challenges of multinational accounting, financial reporting, and regulatory requirements. If you want to learn more, here is a good starting point.

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