From QuickBooks to Successful IPO and Beyond with Intacct

We’ve discussed many times that Intacct is a great fit for emerging companies that have outgrown QuickBooks.  What people sometimes forget is Intacct is equally well suited for mid-size and larger companies that have often established complex global operations. Whether you’re already a publicly traded firm or you’re headed toward an initial public offering, Intacct offers broad functionality that delivers visibility, automation, and compliance.

For example, in just the first two and half months of 2012, three Intacct customers have gone public – Guidewire in January, Brightcove in February, and now Demandware’s successful debut yesterday. Both Guidewire and Demandware initially graduated from QuickBooks to Intacct and have been on the system for more than four years – Guidewire is actually closing in on six years with Intacct.  This is a great illustration of the flexibility and scalability of Intacct to grow with you as your business evolves. 

When you’re making the change to a new accounting and financial management system, the last thing you want to do is box yourself in with rigid functions and inflexible processes that might require a system change again down the road? Intacct is designed to be the last financial system your business will need by delivering exceptional flexibility and easily adapting to your business – today and in the future.

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On a related topic... Before you go public, you will likely expand to a point where you have some level of global operations. As I mentioned a few weeks back, even small and medium-sized organizations are adding foreign entities and transacting business in multiple currencies these days. We just launched a new video on the Intacct YouTube Channel that dives further into the value of Intacct for global businesses. In the video, also posted below, you'll hear results from finance executive at companies like ProKarma, which has 23 international offices and transacts business in three different currencies, and Mozilla, which is now operating in 20 countries and growing.

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