Maximizing Business Value with Cloud ERP

Earlier this week, Intacct was joined by Liz Herbert, a principal analyst from Forrester Research, and Ken Cucarola, the CFO at Teachscape, for an interesting webinar on maximizing business value with cloud ERP. If you missed the session, you can access an archived version of the webinar here.

There were a lot of useful insights during this informational webinar. Liz Herbert took attendees through several key cloud computing trends and drivers for adoption, including findings from several Forrester research reports. For example, Liz discussed what companies see as the key benefits to a cloud-based application – the top five responses to their survey were:
  1.  Lower implementation costs
  2. Faster time-to-market from the ease of implementation
  3. Faster delivery of new features
  4. Lower ongoing costs
  5. Better support for large numbers of mobile/remote users, suppliers, and partners

Liz also discussed ways companies can look at the overall business value of cloud-based financial applications like Intacct. She outlined some of the areas that Forrester looks at as part of their Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology, which goes beyond traditional TCO and ROI calculations. With TEI, companies can also account for risk mitigation and risk-versus-reward, as well as the strategic impact of the technology including scalability and flexibility. Liz also discussed some of the criteria companies should consider when evaluating cloud vendors.

As for real-world examples, that is where Ken Cucarola stepped in to discuss his experiences at Teachscape, a leading provider of professional development resources for K-12 teachers. Teachscape moved from QuickBooks to Intacct back in 2010. On the webinar, Ken highlights some of his lessons learned and also the key benefits Teachscape achieved by moving to Intacct, as illustrated in the image below:

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Time and time again, our customers mention that not only does Intacct improve the productivity of their finance team, it also reduces direct costs and eliminates capital expenditures to deliver a higher ROI and shorter payback period. You can learn more about the ROI benefits of Intacct here or find out why Intacct is the best choice for companies that are outgrowing QuickBooks.

If you missed Tuesday’s webinar, I encourage you to listen to the archived version and hear the full session with Forrester and Teachscape. You can also register for other upcoming Intacct webinars here.

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