A Cloudy Day at the White House

Today is a proud day for Intacct.

As I write this, our CEO, Rob Reid, is at the White House with Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe and Jill Biden, General Stanley McChrystal, Barry Melancon, the CEO of the AICPA, Ken Yancy, the CEO of SCORE and senior execs from Walmart, HP, Microsoft, Cisco and Salesforce.com.

The topic at hand is a major new White House sponsored, nationwide initiative called "Joining Forces" and it's all about taking action to give our military and their families the support they have earned.  Less than one percent of the US population are in the military, and they've been fighting on multiple fronts since September 11.

This is a huge initiative, with commitments from more than 50 cabinet agencies and a who's who of corporate America focused on employment, education and wellness for military members and their families.

Intacct CEO Rob Reid with Michelle Obama

So what is the role of Intacct and cloud computing in all of this?

A major focus of Joining Forces is on improving the economic opportunity for military veterans and their families. Cloud computing will play an essential role.

Intacct has partnered with the White House, SCORE, the AICPA and the other leading technology vendors mentioned above to provide a basket of pro-bono training, services and technology that will help veterans and their families become entrepreneurs - to start and grow hundreds of thousands of businesses.

SCORE will provide entrepreneur training and mentoring through it's network of 13,500 volunteer mentors and trainers. The AICPA will offer the veterans education on a wide variety of business related topics such as financial literacy, and will connect it's 45,000 AICPA-member CPA firms with the new entrepreneurs. Those CPA firms will provide pro-bono business startup, advisory and accounting services, and will on-board veteran owned businesses onto the Intacct system.  Intacct will provide no-charge cloud financial software to get the veterans and their families started.

The technology vendors taken together will offer a no-charge basket of state of the art cloud-based applications to the veterans and their families that leverage the Internet and cloud computing to improve productivity, increase transparency and reduce costs for their entrepreneurial initiatives - financial management and accounting from Intacct, CRM from Salesforce, web-based email and office from Microsoft, web conferencing from Cisco, security from AVG, point of sale from Square and more.

What are the takeaways?
  • What I love about joining forces is that it's not at all government handouts.  It's about tools and training to help veterans and their families become entrepreneurs. All of the organizations involved are delighted to help.
  • It's another ringing endorsement for cloud computing - from the SBA to the FCC to the rest of the executive branch, the government clearly understands the benefits of the cloud for American business - and have put their weight behind the cloud for one of the most significant business oriented programs of the year. 
  • There is the potential here for hundreds of thousands of businesses to be started and grown with exclusively cloud-based infrastructure. What a great proving ground for the productivity of the cloud.
Like I said, this is a proud day for Intacct. We were delighted to have been selected to be a part of this elite group, and we're even happier to be in a place where we can give back to the extraordinary military families who, like their loved ones in uniform, serve and sacrifice so much so that we can live in freedom and security

To learn more, you can visit the White House, read the White House press release, or go to  SCORE or Intacct.  


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