Join Us at the AICPA Not For Profit Conference

The AICPA Not for Profit Conference is quickly approaching. This is an annual event where you'll get a comprehensive update for the coming year, and the industry’s top experts will answer your questions and provide insight and perspective from key thought leaders. There will also be ample opportunity to collaborate with your industry peers and discover the best financial management strategies to fit your organization’s needs and mission.

Paving the Way to an IPO and Beyond

As your company grows towards an IPO, your success will depend more than ever on smart, fast decision making and flawless execution. Fast-growing companies have been choosing Intacct as the financial foundation for their IPOs for nearly a decade. Why? Because to transform into a public company, you must streamline and automate accounting and reporting while adding robust financial controls that ensure compliance and auditability. And you need to easily scale your financial capabilities as you grow—ideally without adding staff.

Understanding the Cloud for Finance: Not all “Clouds” are the Same

Today, there are a variety of financial applications that businesses can choose from beyond traditional on-premises solutions, like single-tenant hosted solutions, cloud-based products, and many others in between. In addition to their unique application architectures, these products possess a wide variety of functions and features, each at a different cost point.

5 Steps to Finding the Right Accounting Solution for Your Business

Is your staff spending hours creating and updating spreadsheets that are out of date moments after they’re saved? Have you had to rely on consultants to craft custom code to accommodate for features missing from your current accounting solution? That excess time and money devoted to coping with clunky on-premise options and stagnant spreadsheets could be better spent adding strategic value to your business.

The State of the Nonprofit Sector: NFF Releases 2015 Survey Results

The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) launched its initial ‘State of the Sector’ survey in 2008, when economic crisis threatened the viability of many organizations. The last few years have seen some stabilization and recovery for nonprofit organizations and nonprofits are adding jobs and finding time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

Meet the Intacct Sales Team!

I recently chatted with Wanda Pansky, director of sales development at Intacct, to get an insider’s look on our sales development team, some of the successes the group has seen, and what their goals are in the coming months.

3 Key Benefits of Reducing Spreadsheets in Finance

The results are in - it’s time to replace spreadsheets with software designed for and devoted to finance activities.

Spreadsheets have their uses for personal productivity and ad hoc analyses, but they can also become a barrier to effective finance processes for growing midsize companies when used inappropriately. Oftentimes, spreadsheets are error-prone, putting finance teams and entire businesses at risk. In fact, Ventana Research found that one-third (35%) of enterprise companies reported discrepancies in their most important spreadsheets.

Top 5 Success Metrics for Professional Services Organizations

Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) like financial services, advertising and marketing agencies, legal, and other consulting businesses, now face a multitude of unique challenges to success and growth. The complexities associated with billing rates, different regulatory environments, worker compensation, and workload management continue to be a burden on both cash flow and profitability.

All SMBs want to thrive, not just survive

Today's guest blog is authored by David Furth, president and founder of Leap the Pond. Leap the Pond helps SMB's put in place the accounting infrastructure needed to manage cash flow and monitor performance, and solves challenges associated with issues like revenue recognition, project accounting, fund accounting, multi-entity consolidation, multi-system integration, and external and internal reporting.

Should you own, lease, or rent technology solutions?

Today's guest blog is from Michael Silver, Intacct's partner enablement manager and accounting/ERP software expert. In his role, Michael works with Intacct's Channel Team to help build and develop our channel partners into committed, effective, and successful Intacct Business Partners. Today he's sharing his expertise on the benefits and challenges of on-premise, hosted, and SaaS technology..