All SMBs want to thrive, not just survive

Today's guest blog is authored by David Furth, president and founder of Leap the Pond. Leap the Pond helps SMB's put in place the accounting infrastructure needed to manage cash flow and monitor performance, and solves challenges associated with issues like revenue recognition, project accounting, fund accounting, multi-entity consolidation, multi-system integration, and external and internal reporting.

Should you own, lease, or rent technology solutions?

Today's guest blog is from Michael Silver, Intacct's partner enablement manager and accounting/ERP software expert. In his role, Michael works with Intacct's Channel Team to help build and develop our channel partners into committed, effective, and successful Intacct Business Partners. Today he's sharing his expertise on the benefits and challenges of on-premise, hosted, and SaaS technology..

Intacct Customers Collaborate at Intacct Meetup

As part of the Intacct Customer for Life program, I am excited to announce the launch of our Intacct Customer Meetups! Many customers have asked about the opportunity to meet with fellow Intacct customers in their area – now that opportunity is here! The Intacct team is excited about the meetups and the collaborative experience our customers will be able to create.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Attempted Tax Deductions

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, tax season certainly falls on the opposite end of the spectrum for most. As many of you are likely filing your taxes today or still recovering from the paperwork involved, take a break and check out our quiz of 10 of the most ridiculous things individuals and business owners have tried to claim as tax write offs. Do you think they were successful or did the IRS make them pay?

How to Become Irreplaceable - 5 Questions Every CFO Should Expect from the CEO

“So, what are your thoughts on where we should invest?”

Questions like that, if unprepared for, can make a CFO’s face flush and heart rate rise. Yet inquiries like that are exactly where a CEO will
expect insight from the organization’s CFO.

Intacct Takes a Stand for Equality

With the recent national discussion around discriminatory legislation being put forward in several states where Intacct conducts business, I felt it was important to share our viewpoint. One aspect of being a CEO that I appreciate is being able to occasionally use that platform to take a stance on important issues. Equality is an important social issue and I recognize the magnitude of my responsibility to do right by others – friends, business partners, my employees, and customers.

Yes, We Know the Way to San Jose

Just as New York is the finance capital, and Las Vegas is a gambler’s playground, the Bay Area is often thought of as the epicenter of technology. It is home to so many fantastic organizations, from newly funded startups to Google. As one of the friendliest areas in California and boasting more than 300 days of sunshine, it’s no surprise why companies have chosen to locate here.

Meet the Intacct HR Team!

Intacct takes great pride in having excellent teams on board – people that are innovative, creative, and willing to work and play hard. This month I thought it’d be fun to take readers behind the scenes and highlight the “unsung heroes” here at Intacct. They’re here well after dark, often found planning our next successful event, and are the reason smart, kind people fill the many desks at Intacct. Meet our human resources team!

Inventory Management Best Practices

We recently invited one of Intacct’s Marketplace Partners, QStock Inventory, to share some insights around the topic of inventory management. QStock Inventory extends the native inventory capabilities in Intacct for product-based businesses that have unique needs that may require additional specialized inventory management software. We hope you’ll find this information useful.

Check Out Intacct's New Headquarters!

It’s no secret that Intacct is growing fast! As you may have heard, to keep up with this exponential growth, we recently moved our headquarters to 300 Park Avenue right here in downtown San Jose. This new space opens the door for new opportunities and I thought it might be nice to give you a tour of the new offices!