Meet the User Experience Team at Intacct

I recently spoke with Shara Barnett, the manager of the User Experience (UX) group at Intacct, on the recent growth in the team and the increased emphasis on design thinking and ease of use at Intacct.

5 Questions CFOs Need to Ask

A recent survey of Fortune 1000 CFOs found that the vast majority—81%—felt they worked at companies that viewed their finance operation as a “strategic business partner,” involving the CFO in top-level decision-making as never before.

Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense for Faith-Based Organizations and Ministries

Like all nonprofit organizations, faith-based ministries are experiencing increased pressure, oversight, and demand for transparency from all sides. Whether the focus is reporting, funding, or accountability for outcomes, it is critical that ministry organizations have the edge in technology tools that improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase their visibility.

Cash Metrics for CFOs

A version of this post originally appeared on the The NDH Group, Ltd. blog here.

As the CFO or Director of Finance, cash should be the most basic and regularly reported balance to your stakeholders –arming them to make decisions for change, or to stay the course. And, about cash, what do you know? Specifically, collections, and cash burn? Live broadcast of these metrics gives stakeholders the ability to assess both short-term financial health (position of liquidity), and your ability to meet long-term needs (position of solvency).

7 Ground Rules for Buying Enterprise Software

A version of this post originally appeared on the Adaptive Insights blog.

After being in the software industry for nearly 20 years – having sold software, demoed it, implemented it, developed it, and marketed it – and bought quite a bit of it too, I’m still surprised by how many buyers don’t follow some basic ground rules when they’re making such a big decision.

Asking some basic questions and doing some key research yourself can make all the difference between success and failure. The best buyers follow seven ground rules to really get inside the process.

Join Us at the AICPA Not For Profit Conference

The AICPA Not for Profit Conference is quickly approaching. This is an annual event where you'll get a comprehensive update for the coming year, and the industry’s top experts will answer your questions and provide insight and perspective from key thought leaders. There will also be ample opportunity to collaborate with your industry peers and discover the best financial management strategies to fit your organization’s needs and mission.

Paving the Way to an IPO and Beyond

As your company grows towards an IPO, your success will depend more than ever on smart, fast decision making and flawless execution. Fast-growing companies have been choosing Intacct as the financial foundation for their IPOs for nearly a decade. Why? Because to transform into a public company, you must streamline and automate accounting and reporting while adding robust financial controls that ensure compliance and auditability. And you need to easily scale your financial capabilities as you grow—ideally without adding staff.

Understanding the Cloud for Finance: Not all “Clouds” are the Same

Today, there are a variety of financial applications that businesses can choose from beyond traditional on-premises solutions, like single-tenant hosted solutions, cloud-based products, and many others in between. In addition to their unique application architectures, these products possess a wide variety of functions and features, each at a different cost point.

5 Steps to Finding the Right Accounting Solution for Your Business

Is your staff spending hours creating and updating spreadsheets that are out of date moments after they’re saved? Have you had to rely on consultants to craft custom code to accommodate for features missing from your current accounting solution? That excess time and money devoted to coping with clunky on-premise options and stagnant spreadsheets could be better spent adding strategic value to your business.

The State of the Nonprofit Sector: NFF Releases 2015 Survey Results

The Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) launched its initial ‘State of the Sector’ survey in 2008, when economic crisis threatened the viability of many organizations. The last few years have seen some stabilization and recovery for nonprofit organizations and nonprofits are adding jobs and finding time and resources to focus on strategic initiatives.