When did billing become so complicated?

Today's guest blog post is courtesy of Nik Puni, President of Sererra. Sererra is a Platinum Sponsor of Advantage 2014 in Orlando, Florida from November 9-13.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

This week, Intacct is pleased to welcome a guest blog from AvidXchange.

You've probably heard the old adage, "you can't manage what you don't measure". This statement holds true when analyzing the costs to process invoices. Most organizations have never taken the time to truly understand what it costs them to process just one invoice or pay one bill, and are truly shocked when they find out their true costs. It seems that companies’ biggest hindrance to establishing their cost per invoice is that they are too busy with their daily tasks, or that they simply don’t know of an easy way to capture their current costs. 

Achieving Rapid Growth Painlessly

Fast growth can be a great problem to have - but it can also be challenging for the finance team. That is where having the right financial system in place can make all the difference. Organizations of all sizes have chosen Intacct to grow their businesses quickly while still managing revenue without adding extra staff.

Discovering how improved productivity can increase ROI

One of the most frequent benefits an organization sees after optimizing its financials is the ability to drive value across the entire business. The right financial system provides companies with real-time financial and operational visibility into even the most complicated of accounts, comprehensive financial controls to ensure security and compliance, and extensive automation to streamlines business processes, reduce labor, and cut costs.

Understanding the new revenue recognition standard – an illustrative example

In the first part of this blog series, I looked at the big picture changes of the new revenue recognition standard and provided pointers to some good general resources. Now, let’s take a look at an example on how the removal of industry specific guidance will impact software companies.

Understanding the new revenue recognition standard – a short introduction

Here at Intacct we have been closely following the release of the new converged revenue recognition standard – not only because our software solution helps companies address the complexities of revenue management, but also because as a software company, the new standard will have a pervasive impact on our accounting and business processes. In this two-part blog series, I will provide a short introduction to the standard and offer some helpful resources that will get you started on the journey towards full adoption. In addition, we will look at some specific examples from the latest industry guidance on how the new standard will impact software companies in particular.

Introducing the New Intacct Website!

Sometimes change can irk people, throw one out of their comfort zone, or allow uncertainty to seep in. Here at Intacct though, we embrace change and that’s a great thing because there have been a lot of changes taking place at Intacct!

Application Suites vs. Best-of-Breed Cloud Solutions

For CFO's, controllers, and other finance leaders, suite solutions versus best-in-class software is a well-established and long-running parley. Many leading organizations are left to wonder whether they would be most successful choosing a suite of products from a single vendor, or using a combination of best-in-class products from several industry leaders.

Managing Professional Services Complexities

Professional services businesses consistently strive to deliver client value and ensure project profitability. This drives a need for real-time visibility into project status, margins, and cost management. The ability to seamlessly combine financial information and project information in one system, ensure total transparency into the business, improve operational efficiencies, and increase finance department productivity is a must for successful professional services businesses.

Streamlining Revenue Recognition and Billing

As a software company, Intacct understands the issues that finance organizations grapple with every day—from complex, evolving software revenue recognition guidelines, and a disconnected quote-to-cash process, to complex subscription billing and renewals management challenges.