Industry Insights - A Conversation with Steve Wolford

For our latest industry insights post I interviewed Steve Wolford from Frank, Rimerman + Co. 

Frank, Rimerman is comprised of consultants and CPA’s that combine deep technology expertise, broad business experience, and operational and accounting knowledge to assist clients with state of the art solutions based on industry standard practices. Steve managed hundreds of solution implementation projects and held roles as controller and financial analyst prior to joining Frank, Rimerman. Steve has also developed extensive experience from both the client and consultant perspectives of software implementation projects.

During our interview, Steve spoke with us about the technology criteria for small versus larger businesses, challenges customers may face when migrating to a cloud-based financial system, and what pain points trigger organization’s to change their accounting solutions.

Intacct Named One of the “Hottest Silicon Valley Companies” by Lead411

Picnics, BBQs, trips to the beach, camping in the mountains… There are few better ways to kick off summer – unless you’re Intacct and can announce being named one of the “Hottest Silicon Valley Companies” by Lead411!

In order to recognize the fastest growing technology companies in the Silicon Valley area, Lead411’s technology and research team scours the web to find information about fast growing companies. Each day they look at hundreds of press releases and news stories like venture financings, company launches, hiring plans, etc. This year, the research team started with over 1800 companies and narrowed it down to the final list of 87.

Introducing the New Intacct Marketplace

Sonny and Cher. Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Each just doesn't quite seem complete without the other half in these binary combinations.

Gaining Strategic Insight into Business Performance

High-growth organizations today are operating in an increasingly complex, competitive landscape - often on a global or multi-entity scale. In response to this, businesses are expecting their financial systems to provide access to more than traditional, “business as usual” information. Finance teams are looking for strategic ways to improve reporting so that it is faster and more accurate, and provides crucial insight into performance across the entire organization.

Nonprofits Select Intacct to Meet Unique Needs of Charitable Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are one of the fastest growing industry segments moving to Intacct. We are dedicated to helping these organizations fulfill their mission by providing cloud-based financial applications that support the unique needs of charitable institutions.

Intacct works with a full spectrum of leading nonprofit organizations, including: charities, trade and membership associations, cultural institutions, charter schools, and faith-based organizations.Through Intacct’s best-in-class cloud accounting software, the nonprofits we work with are able save money, increase revenue, and improve operations. Instead of wasting time with work-arounds to outdated on-premises financial software, our nonprofit customers gain the increased efficiency and improved financial visibility of a modern cloud-based system.

Industry Insights - A Conversation with Brian Terrell

For our latest industry insights post we interviewed Brian Terrell, founder of both BTerrell Group and CodePartners. BTerrell Group helps mid-market companies discover the ERP, CRM and HRMS software solutions that are right for their business. BTerrell Group then works alongside its clients to implement, migrate, and support the processes to ensure business operations function smoothly and seamlessly.

Software CEO/CFO Survey: Analytics and Social Driving Increased Revenue Growth

It’s long been recognized the software industry as a whole is in a period of growth. Much of this progression can be attributed to the rapid adoption of cloud computing and SaaS models that allow users a more seamless integration process, lowered initial costs, and a painless upgrade experience. 

Sand Hill Group confirmed this in their most recent 2014 CEO/CFO Outlook study finding that 29 percent of the interviewed participants disclosed that their planned revenue growth over the next year is 50 percent or higher; and within that group, 17 percent believe their revenue growth will increase by 100 percent or more.

Best Practices for Preparing Audit-Ready Financials - Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part post, I explored what it takes to consistently produce audit-ready financials based well-documented transactions and accurate balances. In Part 2, let’s look at building the right accounting software foundation.

The Benefits of a Best-in-Class Cloud Accounting Solution

The massive growth in cloud computing has primarily been driven by best in class systems – think for CRM, etc. In the on-premises software days, “all in one” suites helped reduce the massive integration hassles stemming from multiple deployment platforms and trying to move data from system to system. The cloud changed all that.

Today’s advanced cloud solutions are extremely open, and allow for the frictionless movement of information from system to system. Now, each department in an organization can make the best choice for their needs, to maximize performance and reduce the risk of being dependent on one vendor. In addition, the collective investments from best in class technologies are 10 times the amount of investment of a cloud suite vendor. 

Cloud Security -- Intacct Receives Enterprise-Ready Rating

At Intacct, we understand that the security of your financial information is critical. Protecting your financial data is the foundation of our mission to earn and maintain your trust. That’s why we do more than promise—we guarantee the high performance, availability, security, and reliability of our financial applications.

To ensure the security of the data in our systems, we operate redundant Fortune 100-class data centers, and we've built a specific set of operational characteristics into the system that has helped to ensure the highest levels of privacy, availability, integrity, and security for our customers for more than a dozen years.