Intacct Advantage 2014 is almost here!

Autumn marks an exciting time here at Intacct; we start counting down to Intacct Advantage. Now only days away, this year’s conference, held in Orlando from November 9-13, will host more than 70 product, industry, hands-on, and customer panel sessions. Another exciting milestone this year is our largest Marketplace Expo yet, featuring the broadest range of best-in-class, cloud-based solutions.

Does billing and payments reconciliation have to be so time consuming?

Today's blog is a guest post from William Barber, CEO of 2C Processor (2CP). 2CP will be a Platinum Sponsor again at Intacct Advantage this year and will be exhibiting at Booth #100 in the Marketplace Expo. Be sure to stop by to meet William and his team!

Cloud-based financial software like Intacct has revolutionized accounting departments around the world. Adding in Cloud accessibility creates new possibilities. Time and resources once dedicated to data entry and manual adjustments can now be replaced with automated processes and integrated solutions. At the same time, the velocity of transactions and the breadth of our finance platforms is increasing. Unconnected applications need to work together or at the very least, be synchronized. Consequentially, resources need to be added back in to compile and reconcile the synchronization of this transaction flow. Receivables and payments are a large part of this process since many times, the point of contact with customers is a cashier at register, a statement snail-mailed to a business client, or a customer buying online via a shopping cart. Thus, some aspects of human intervention by the company’s accounting staff are still required or perhaps even increased.

Video blog: The importance of using tax software and the future of cloud solutions

Today's guest video blog post is courtesy of Asher Mathew, (@ashermathew), manager of strategic alliances at Avalara (@avalara). We sat down with Asher to discuss the importance of using tax software, the benefits of leveraging Avalara for Intacct (@Intacct) customers, the future of cloud software, and more.

Check out the v-log below to hear Asher’s insights. Avalara is also a Gold Sponsor of Advantage 2014 in Orlando, Florida from November 9-13 so be sure to visit them in the Marketplace Expo at the conference.

Credit Cards and Intacct - Ultimate Flexibility

Today's blog is a guest post from Neil Wainwright, CEO and Co-founder of Nexonia. Nexonia is a Gold Sponsor of Advantage this year - be sure to stop by their booth at the conference November 9-13!

Businesses often have great reasons for having things done a certain way and prefer that the tools fit their needs and not the other way around. By leveraging Intacct and Nexonia together, customers are able to have their corporate credit card transactions immediately available, easily assigned to all Intacct dimensions, routed through a full approval process and then instantly transferred to Intacct, up to and including the images of all receipts.

Intacct and HRMS – a Seamless Fit

Today's guest post is from Brian Terrell, CPA, founder and managing partner of BTerrell Group and CodePartners. BTerrell Group is a Platinum Sponsor of Advantage 2014 in Orlando, Florida from November 9-13.

Intacct delivers best-in-class cloud accounting and finance applications that easily integrate with other best-in-class cloud solutions such as Salesforce, Avalara, Orange Leap, and many more. These software partners seamlessly link to and share transactions with Intacct using web services or the Intacct Platform. Many Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and payroll providers have supplied compatible, manual import integration with Intacct for years, but soon a cloud-to-cloud, bi-synchronous HRMS link utilizing Intacct's superior integration capabilities will be available.

Introducing Intacct Collaborate

Today is an exciting day at Intacct. At Dreamforce 2014 in San Francisco we’re introducing Intacct Collaborate, a new collaboration backbone built directly into the Intacct financial system. Intacct Collaborate builds on our ten year relationship with to deliver a better way for Finance, Sales, and Services teams to streamline communications and speed work execution.

Intacct Collaborate embeds Salesforce Chatter, the leading enterprise social network, into Intacct to create a secure social layer across all finance processes and across devices through the Salesforce1 Mobile App. For Finance, Sales, and Services employees, this means they can now work collaboratively to keep processes efficient even in the face of snags due to requested exceptions, ambiguous data, or changing policies.

When did billing become so complicated?

Today's guest blog post is courtesy of Nik Puni, President of Sererra. Sererra is a Platinum Sponsor of Advantage 2014 in Orlando, Florida from November 9-13.

In the technology world, 2008 seems like an eternity ago. Back then the SaaS market was still maturing with the majority of software publishers offering on-premises software the old fashioned way. As cloud adoption has increased, there has been a dramatic shift away from selling perpetual licenses with annual maintenance to a recurring, consumption-based revenue model. Embedded in this shift is the ability to offer new pricing models based on usage and elasticity-of-demand. 

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

This week, Intacct is pleased to welcome a guest blog from AvidXchange.

You've probably heard the old adage, "you can't manage what you don't measure". This statement holds true when analyzing the costs to process invoices. Most organizations have never taken the time to truly understand what it costs them to process just one invoice or pay one bill, and are truly shocked when they find out their true costs. It seems that companies’ biggest hindrance to establishing their cost per invoice is that they are too busy with their daily tasks, or that they simply don’t know of an easy way to capture their current costs. 

Achieving Rapid Growth Painlessly

Fast growth can be a great problem to have - but it can also be challenging for the finance team. That is where having the right financial system in place can make all the difference. Organizations of all sizes have chosen Intacct to grow their businesses quickly while still managing revenue without adding extra staff.

Discovering how improved productivity can increase ROI

One of the most frequent benefits an organization sees after optimizing its financials is the ability to drive value across the entire business. The right financial system provides companies with real-time financial and operational visibility into even the most complicated of accounts, comprehensive financial controls to ensure security and compliance, and extensive automation to streamlines business processes, reduce labor, and cut costs.