Insights from Virtual Hold: Why our CEO is an advocate of Intacct

I recently had an opportunity to chat with Jim Bokar, director of finance and controller at Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) and an Intacct MVP, about their use of Intacct and how their CEO utilizes the platform. Virtual Hold Technology delivers solutions at the heart of the customer experience, enabling contact centers to maximize the opportunities that come from customer interaction, regardless of channel.

One of the more interesting things Jim let me know was that not only is he a huge fan of Intacct – so is their CEO, Wes Hayden. Wes loves having access to reports in Intacct and drilling down into detail for decision making purposes, rather than reaching out to finance with frequent ad hoc requests for information.

Intacct Goes to Austin for the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference!

Every year, the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference brings together over 2,100 nonprofit leaders, decision makers, and professionals looking to use technology more effectively to bring about change.

The event is a great place for nonprofit industry peers to come together to share their expertise and experiences, resources, and best practices. Held in Austin, Texas from March 4th-6th, Intacct is thrilled to take part in this year’s event and host demos throughout the conference at booth #213!

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Intacct Accountants Program

Accounting firms have long since been part of Intacct’s core target market. Hundreds of accounting firms rely on Intacct to serve their clients successfully, including over 30 percent of the Top 100 firms. In recognition of this, in 2009, the AICPA and its subsidiary,, named Intacct as its first and only preferred provider of financial applications.

Intacct recently welcomed Kevin Cumley in September 2014 as the new director of the Intacct Accountants Program. A valuable asset since, Kevin plays a large role in helping Intacct continue its growth with accounting firms and further strengthen Intacct’s relationship with

I sat down with Kevin recently to discuss his new role and how his time at Intacct has been going.

Best Practice Trends for Nonprofits: Automating Your Processes

This is the final post in this series on nonprofit best practice trends. We’ve covered some key areas that you’ll want to make sure to consider as you plan and execute in the coming year. This week’s topic is automating your processes.

As nonprofits, we focus on expanding programs and services, reducing costs, increasing return on mission, and strengthening donor loyalty – all of which is good stewardship. That’s really what automation of processes is all about: doing more and creating greater impact with less.

Sophy Lai of AWS Truepower shares the top must haves for a cloud solution

I recently sat down with Sophy Lai, the CFO at AWS Truepower, LLC and an Intacct MVP. AWS Truepower is a long-time leader and innovator in renewable energy providing technical consulting, software, data, and advisory services for the wind and solar energy markets.

AWS Truepower had been struggling with an outdated, on-premises accounting solution from Sage, when Sophy was tasked with upgrading the company to a modern, cloud-based financial system. After evaluating multiple solutions, AWS Truepower selected Intacct and today they are thriving.

Best Practice Trends for Nonprofits: Scaling for Growth and Impact

In the last several years, demand for nonprofit services has greatly increased and often exceeds capacity. Nonprofits want to meet the needs of their constituency while increasing impact. The challenge comes in how to effectively scale for growth and impact. With the dynamic nature of the nonprofit environment, how are nonprofits adapting to meet the needs?

Best Practice Trends for Nonprofits: Diversify Your Funding

This is the second topic in our blog series on Best Practice Trends for Nonprofits. Sustainable funding is critical to your organization as you scale and plan for the future. It’s easy to get used to traditional types of funding – and become dependent on them. Most nonprofits are heavily – or even fully – dependent on philanthropy. Philanthropy alone is no longer sustainable for most growing nonprofit organizations. Developing a sustainable funding strategy should be a priority as you budget, plan, and prepare for the future.

Best Practice Trends for Nonprofit Organizations – Outcome Measures

Today we are kicking off a multi-part blog series that will focus on trends and related best practices for strengthening the health, influence, and sustainability of your nonprofit organization. With data, research studies, and thought leadership commanding attention for everything from outcome measures to competition for funding, I’ll try to help you boil down the basics to simplify your focus and planning. We’ll start with the hot topic of outcome measures, and then follow that up with posts covering funding flexibility, scalability, and automation. If you have any follow-up questions or want to suggest additional topics, be sure to post a comment at the bottom.

OK, let’s get started…

Intacct How-To Series: Tips to Grow Your Business to a Global Structure - Part 3

In my last blog post, I covered the importance of performing analysis within the system of record and how increased visibility can help unlock insights to better manage your multi-entity business. In this blog post I will focus on the importance of controls and user permissions in a growing business.

Intacct How-To Series: Tips to Grow Your Business to a Global Structure - Part 2

In my last blog post, I covered how automation can help your business scale from single entity to a complex global structure whilst saving time, increasing accuracy, and reducing risk. In this blog post I will focus on the importance of visibility to support your business growth.