Intacct's Summer Reading List

With fall officially underway, we hope you’re starting to wrap up your summer reading list! But for those out there who are bookworms well after the leaves start changing colors and the pool towels are packed away, check out some of Intacct’s top blogs from this summer. Who knows, maybe these posts will even bring you back to those long, summer beach days…

How Chief Financial Officers Can Become Major Corporate Players

Today, it’s all about strategy—not spreadsheets—and it’s time for CFOs to recognize that their strategic value to the company goes well beyond just keeping the books. It used to be that the finance department was mainly responsible for entering data, paying the bills, and providing other executives with the historical financial information they needed. Their jobs were made more difficult because multiple applications and silos of data, all expensively maintained by IT, made workflows cumbersome and error prone, creating endless obstacles for sales, fulfillment, analysts, and accurate reporting. Not anymore.

Thank You Advantage Sponsors!

Can you believe it? Advantage 2015 is six weeks away! Everyone at Intacct is incredibly excited for this year’s conference and we’re especially looking forward to connecting with our fabulous Intacct customers and partners from all over the country.

If you haven’t already registered to attend the conference – be sure to do so this week!  If you register by Wednesday, Sept. 30, you can save $200 off your registration fees. Also, if you are a CFO, be sure to take advantage (no pun intended) of our special CFO rates, which offer access to the CFO Summit.

Thank You All for a Great Dreamforce!

With every successful conference, comes a host of behind-the-scenes executioners and very happy attendees..or so the saying should go.

Dreamforce 2015 was no different with so many people – customers, sponsors, and Intacct employees – involved throughout the week. We’d like to tip our hats and express gratitude for the many people that made Dreamforce such a fantastic event for Intacct! So let us start with:

I Dream of Dreamforce

And that’s a wrap! After months of planning for Dreamforce, the Superbowl of Tech Conferences is complete!

The 150,000 people that descended upon the city of San Francisco for Dreamforce last week have departed (sans the many local attendees), the Dreamboat has left the dock, and the curtain has closed on the Foo Fighters.

The Best of Both Worlds: Will your ERP play well with Salesforce?

In our previous blog post we reviewed foundational requirements to keep in mind during an ERP evaluation. In this post, we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need to ensure that data seamlessly flows back and forth between front and back office systems. A unified business view is vital to a company’s efficiency and growth, so it’s important to carefully evaluate what you really need from an ERP system’s ability to connect with Salesforce.

Trends in Operational Metrics Show Demand for Greater Insights

Every modern business uses software management systems, but the best use systems that bring strategic, operational, and financial data together to support and optimize a performance-driven organization. For software companies in 2015, this requires new attributes, focus changes in metrics, and a comprehensive view of growth.

The Best of Both Worlds: Don’t Forget to Predict the Future

A True Story

Recently, John Kearns, Controller for IntegraMed shared with me an unexpected turn of events his team faced a few months before. After 10 years as a multi-location company with no notable disruptions, US-based IntegraMed acquired a new company. That wasn’t the hard part. The real surprise was the newly acquired company was Canadian. John’s organization was now managing a new business and reporting on a multi-entity and multi-currency basis. He was quite pleased to share that he and his team were able to accommodate handling financials for this international entity in minutes. So how did they do it? They started with the right ERP.

The Best of Both Worlds: Picturing Yourself in Your Dream ERP

In our first blog post we talked briefly about the unprecedented opportunity that best-in-class products like Salesforce deliver for empowering every department in a company with the best possible software solution. Of course, we also acknowledged the fact that the power of choice can make you want to go take a power nap.

There Is No Magic Formula for Small-Business Success -- Only This

I’ve been asked many times to lay out my magic formula for building a successful small or medium-sized business. I usually respond by saying there's no magic, only hard work and experience.

While this is certainly true, the success of a small or medium-sized business depends on dedicated execution of the following: articulating a clear mission, hiring the right people, setting goals and measuring progress toward them -- and then resolving the inevitable conflicts that arise. The latter task is truly the tricky part!