The Best of Both Worlds: Don’t Forget to Predict the Future

A True Story

Recently, John Kearns, Controller for IntegraMed shared with me an unexpected turn of events his team faced a few months before. After 10 years as a multi-location company with no notable disruptions, US-based IntegraMed acquired a new company. That wasn’t the hard part. The real surprise was the newly acquired company was Canadian. John’s organization was now managing a new business and reporting on a multi-entity and multi-currency basis. He was quite pleased to share that he and his team were able to accommodate handling financials for this international entity in minutes. So how did they do it? They started with the right ERP.

The Best of Both Worlds: Picturing Yourself in Your Dream ERP

In our first blog post we talked briefly about the unprecedented opportunity that best-in-class products like Salesforce deliver for empowering every department in a company with the best possible software solution. Of course, we also acknowledged the fact that the power of choice can make you want to go take a power nap.

There Is No Magic Formula for Small-Business Success -- Only This

I’ve been asked many times to lay out my magic formula for building a successful small or medium-sized business. I usually respond by saying there's no magic, only hard work and experience.

While this is certainly true, the success of a small or medium-sized business depends on dedicated execution of the following: articulating a clear mission, hiring the right people, setting goals and measuring progress toward them -- and then resolving the inevitable conflicts that arise. The latter task is truly the tricky part!

The Best of Both Worlds: Best in Class CRM, meet Best in Class ERP

Life-changing decisions – College, jobs, investments, shopping for a home –have taught many of us the important reality of compromise. In the decision making process we generally begin with the anticipation of having the best of both worlds – that great house in the best neighborhood, no more than 15 miles from the office – and end up with a 57 mile commute in exchange for a good school district for the kids.

Join Intacct at Dreamforce 2015

At Dreamforce 2015 you’ll have a chance to experience the Best of Both Worlds: Intacct best-in-class cloud ERP and Salesforce! If you haven’t heard of Dreamforce, it is the annual Salesforce conference in San Francisco. Last year the event attracted more than 135,000 registrants and this year it is poised to be even bigger. Check out everything Intacct has planned!

5 Essential Steps to Prepare for an IPO

The following is a guest post from Jeff Epstein. He is an operating partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and the former chief financial officer of Oracle. He serves on the board of directors of Intacct.

For many chief financial officers, directing an initial public offering is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks they undertake. How they handle the run-up to the IPO -- arranging for the people, processes and technology they will need -- is critical to setting the stage for success.

Four Crucial Enablers for Driving Business Agility and Growth

Software executives know they need to operate their businesses with more agility because of the pace and volume of change due to innovation and new competitive offerings. C-suite executives grappling with how to turn plans into action faster than ever before need to focus on four crucial enablers of agility and growth.

Meet the Intacct Engineering Team!

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Aman Singh, Intacct’s Senior Director of QA & Release, and Robert Kleinschmidt, Intacct’s Vice President of Engineering, to talk about how the cloud industry has changed over the past decade, trends in the marketplace, and why Intacct engineers stick around year after year.

Meet the Intacct Support Team!

I recently spoke with Joanne Wilson, Director of Intacct Customer Support, on the recent growth in the team and the increased emphasis within Intacct on customer support service.

Brittany Benson:
You’ve been at Intacct for two years now—how would you describe the support team’s role within Intacct and why it’s so important to our organization?

Intacct Proven as a Top Rated Solution Amongst User Community Reviews

Customer satisfaction has long been a trending topic; recently though, the wins and war stories have become more widespread and more personal. People want to be delighted—for the most important purchases, people want that delight to be all but guaranteed.